I'm back AS New MOMMY

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Its been more than a year since I have written.

I'm very happy that after these many days I am writing a TOPIC which I have never written on my blog or anywhere on the web.

Its not just topic, but NEW ME. Yes, I'm a new MOMMY now having 8 months old BABY GIRL. Lucky me got baby girl. And she is an angel in our life. Enjoying mother hood and not just that but ENJOYING being a mother to my cute little baby.

My mother always used to say, "You'll realise my presence, only when you become a mother",(most moms say that I know :-D). Absolutely, I realised and still realising how my mother(any mother) has been handling things and how their LIVES are!!!!

I'm bowing my HEAD to all MOTHERS irrespective of their age.

I started believing the saying "Because God did not have time to look after each and every creature, He sent us MOTHER".

I love you MOM and ALL MOTHERS in this UNIVERSE!!!

More to go about this MOTHERHOOD experience chaps... Keep visiting for interesting shares of my Kiddo as she is growing mischievous and naughty(like ME :-p).


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