Wednesday, November 20, 2013

185th Day of My Marriage Life

Hey Friends, its been weeks since I wrote my last post. Don't know why, but this is the third consecutive post about my marriage (life). Though it is accidental, I feel that we write often about what we have in our mind. Hope you all agree.

I started writing this post as a part of memories of marriage DATE, that is today, for which 6 months, 185 days has completed of marriage life. Yes May 20th we got married and is purely arranged marriage. The life after marriage is entirely different and can be said NEW WORLD for me. Some girls would deny this statement as they would be living only with their husband no other relatives.

But majority of the girls in this country go through the same as I do. I have written in my last post about the problems and grey areas of after marriage for girls especially newly married ones. Philosophies apart, let me come to the interesting and happy moods of these days.

I love being center of attraction and being pampered and thats how I had been brought up. I never did a single household work to my mom. But after marriage, I started doing every work(almost) as if I had did years together. My sisters and my mom were dumb-struck when I shared them the daily updates. Because no one believed that I would do this much work, not just doing but also with a style of an experienced hand.

Even I was little surprised about me that how COULD I be so responsible in my in-laws house. I never had been like this much responsible before marriage. I felt that I had become matured enough to run a family(just self-boasting :-D he he), but on a serious note, I never thought that I could do these much of works with an eye of responsibility.

Beyond all these things above said, the relationship, the new relationship, which we ever thought of who person would be, how he would be, had changed the life after marriage. CANNOT be said as life, but CHANGED ME and my behaviours. Yes, I had been so lethargy, care free attitude, non-sentimental girl. NOW, all things are opposite within me. I am responsible, has become sentimental idiot and so on.

It is not just that marriage has turned upside down altogether, but our mind too is involved in this process change. We do not change consciously. It happens unconsciously, which had been imbibed within us by our parents and elders. Hence, we apply without even learning from anywhere but being a silent spectators.

Adjusting, accepting, being patient, saying OKs, tolerating, sacrificing, disappointments, every single thing gets into us when we were kids, from our mother and sisters or sisters-in-law. I think this is what that holds the first &  BIGGEST reason to RUN a family calm and soothing, many times avoiding FAMILY SPLIT-UPS. FEEL PROUD BEING a WOMAN, because of the above said reason and we are the reason for a HAPPY FAMILY...

Coming back to my BETTER-HALF(so-called), now its only better-quarter ;)..he was telling that HE is PROUD of US as PAIR for some reasons, which I do not want to mention here, but it is related to family situations handling..I felt happy and more of satisfied for starting a marriage with such kind of words from my husband for that UNSAID reason, stepping into 7th month of OUR marriage life.

Gonna have a small celebration...and I am awaiting him..:)

This ONE is for MY HUBBY...

Believe and pray that we as a PAIR, make the family a good place to LIVE in for both of our IN-LAW relations.

See YOU on next post FRIENDS...