Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why should girls have all the PAIN? UBC Day 1

I started writing this after I wrote for 100 Words on Saturday @ WriteTribe.

Here is the post & prompt: I knew it was my last day there.

How life of mine had been and how it has changed? The reason is similar to all the other girls' lives, Marriage. Yes, the event Marriage in my life has taken me to new world and not just new world but also NEW ME. 

I wonder what has happened to me..Right from my daily routines TO my own behaviours, habits, even some of my characteristics have been totally changed. I wouldn't have known that I can ALSO be like this(presently what I am), if the event of marriage has not happened. 

I had screwed my mother for better and tastier food than what she had cooked. I had yelled at my mother for no reasons but arguments with friends outside of which she had no clue but silence was her reaction. No single work or help I did for her till my marriage except, raising the electricity bill merely watching television all the day and extended nights. No smiles, no words, no conversation with her, at her. 

But still, she served like a nurse. She worked like a dog. She hid her pain in her SMILE. She smiled at every face she saw, as if she is the blissful woman in the world. She never complained about anyone for anything, though she had(is) undergone such painful moments, not just moments, to be precise, painful life she was leading. No bloody creature including me knew about HER and HER PAIN...

All these things I got to know only after some days of my Marriage. Its not about knowing, but I REALISED what life was she leading and how it was possible. 

She never asked anything for her. She never cooked anything for her. She never prayed anything for her. How a person can be like this??? I could never imagine this kind of characteristics that whether I would imbibe from her in future though she is my mother. 

In recent days, one of her characteristics, has come to me and I realised it... TOLERANCE and level of tolerance has gone to higher level than it was before my marriage. I never kept quiet in a conversation. I was never silent in an argument. I never accepted my brothers' or sisters' or my parents' instruction. I hate being instructed and directed, when I do my job.

But..but..but....All these things got changed within me after my marriage, which I NEVER knew that would be of my characteristics this soon. I said YES to everything immaterial of its importance, seriousness, sensibility. I stopped arguing except with my husband. I HEARD to the instructions though its already being done by me. 

Getting up early, doing household chores(also cooking), helping M-I-L, taking care in-laws; all these things have become part of my daily life. Sorry Sorry..Have become MY LIFE, in a very short span of marriage life. Its not that I am against all these changes but, why for GIRLS alone? Though it is the reality that has to be accepted, why can't we change this reality? 

Similar to the question 'Why should boys have all the fun?', I want to ask 'Why should girls have all the PAIN?'