Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Luck !--->Not just an article but a Contest...

Its been 2+ months since my last blog post in my cute diary, Life's Scribblings. Right from my childhood days, I have been wondering what is luck called and how will it be?

In many situations like wishing for my favourite dish, helping mom just to get a penny for getting candies from neighbourhood 'Anna Kadai', praying for absence of Test Teacher on Monday classes in School. All these happened at some situation and some were not. When it did not happen, I wondered and worried "how UNlucky I am. I never have my luck coming way".

Whenever, I saw my benchmate getting +1 or + 2 marks for the same answer that I have had written; a same age kid licks lolli-pop without getting scolded by his/her mother, my mind had ringed, "Hmmmm, how lucky you are"

As age got older, the thoughts of lucky charm never changed but the situations, needs and expectations changed. Like, getting reputed college, getting boy-friend and having extreme fun with friends. Even then, the mind asked, "Why am I"? 

Recently, I got the opportunity to realise what LUCK is and whether it really exists or not and I got the answer.

And I started thinking the real reasons for having luck by their side. 

Does anybody know the reason among you guys? And did anybody experience the luck factor in your life??

If so, SHARE / POST your reasons / experience on luck, we will see who has THE LUCK to win maximum no.of votes for their comments.

Its a limited time voting contest. Come on...Blogger Friends, to know, how LUCKY you are, post your experience, enjoy reading others' experiences and your sharing could be the winning one!!!
YOU HAVE TO MENTION whether do you believe in luck or not from the experience you had...

P.S: Post your experiences in the comment form. Once this post is done with lots of experiences, the polling will be announced. Polling is done with the ONLY CRITERIA, 'YOUR FAVOURITE POST'. Keep following the post for updates or funny experiences.

16th Oct: Comment Form Closes
17th Oct: Voting Starts
20th Oct: Voting Closes
22nd Oct: Result Announcement