Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This post is written as a part of ‘All that Matters‘ contest at in association with INK Live 2013.

P.S: Tried to write a short write-up but got it little bit lengthier. Hope you will not be bored to read this and ESPECIALLY leave your feedback on the same.

Every person in this world has one's own wish, desire or expectation towards something or someone. But what makes one happy and peaceful is that the love and affection that is showed to her/him. People who do not need to show love but at least they stop showing hatredness towards the persons around them.

Showing hatredness and anger do not solve anything. Everyone knows that LOVE can melt even rock, then why not heart. Its so obvious that the only solution for any and every problem is that showing LOVE and AFFECTION. Its not just about LOVE or AFFECTION but showing, could be said as showering unconditional love.

But unconditional love by itself has one condition complied, that we should not expect anything in return but showering love to the people. You would have heard this statement almost said by many famous personalities who are truely wisdom in nature. It is not easy to apply or follow but once it is followed it is easy and IT GIVES A BLISSFUL LIFE.

Just think of one single incident that you have experienced the unconditional love, either it can be received by you or it could be showered by you. Think of that situation and the mindset that you had experienced in that particular moment, particularly, when you showered the unconditional love.

Greatest example of unconditional love, as all know, is of Mother's Love. Without being a mother, its little difficult to show unconditional love, but we can know how happy it is to receive one such love and each of would have atleast known about our own mother's love.

So if it is so happy to receive one, HOW IT WILL BE to shower one!! Just think of it. I do not say that over the night, we cannot become Mother or Mother Teresa, but in a situation where it is needed and who deserves, may be on the roadside, may be your neighbour or even may be in your family, if you shower unconditional and unexpected LOVE, and if they are relieved from that trouble situation and express themselves about YOUR LOVE, then that WILL BE SURELY the BLISSFUL moment.

Many amongst us are in need of help. Even helping the needy is a part of your way to blissful life. Unconditional love require, patience, practice and perseverance. Patience, is nothing but maturity to be silent when needed and not just to be silent but the words to be used to talk in a bottle-neck situation. Similarly practice and perseverance.

Do you want to know what BLISS is? Then go ahead and shower your LOVE to the people around you. YOU WILL EXPERIENCE what love is and what bliss is...