Monday, March 5, 2018

Inviting All #Newbie & Aspiring #Bloggers!

Are you an aspiring blogger looking for a platform or place to get your blog featured?

If so, this is the opportunity for you to make use of it.

Do you think you are a potential writer and your blog deserves 👏?

Inviting Newbie Bloggers
Then write to me with the subject line "Aspiring Blogger: Your Blog Name - Interested".

You will be contacted at the earliest for an interview about your blogging life.

Sounds interesting?? Then WRITE A MAIL RIGHT AWAY to madhaviabishek25 at gmail dot com with the above subject line...

This series will be closed soon with the first come first serve basis..

Come on Newbie bloggers...Make your blog visible and reach wider audience...and be an inspiration for other newbie bloggers... :)

All the BEST.. Happy Blogging!!! ✍